The Class


Throughout the course of the Stellar Bodies class, you will achieve full-body conditioning using resistance, counter-resistance, and full muscle contractions. This workout focuses on full-body composition, which forces peak performance without injury, so you can become your best self without any worry. We want you to achieve your fitness goals through training courses that emphasize proper form and technique and that work with the body’s natural movements, minimizing injury while maximizing results.

Our hyper-targeted, full-body workouts allow our clients to sculpt the bodies they have always desired. Schedule a visit now to experience one of the best fitness studios in Atlanta.

At Stellar Bodies, we want our clients to achieve peak fitness. That is not done with a few crunches or only running on the treadmill. It involves strengthening, toning, cardio and weight training. The foundation of the workout we teach at Stellar Bodies is the Lagree Fitness Method, which tackles all elements of an efficient and effective workout in just 50 minutes.

What is the Lagree Fitness Training Method?

A Lagree workout at Stellar Bodies provides innumerable benefits essential for health and fitness. It strengthens the central core, tones and elongates the muscles and improves endurance. It also increases flexibility, posture and alignment and restores the body’s natural balance. Stellar Bodies is an official licensee of Lagree Fitness.

Not only is Lagree beneficial for lean muscle-building, but it also jumpstarts the metabolism to help burn fat. Combining key elements of fitness, the basics of select Pilates movements and the Megaformer™ , a Stellar Bodies class provides the ultimate full-body workout that pushes your muscles to fatigue but is easy on your joints.

The key to a Stellar Bodies class is to reach a certain intensity of exercise that causes the body to react and adapt. When the body is being pushed to a new level of intensity, results are maximized. This effect is achieved through changing resistance, range of motion in an exercise, angle of a motion, speed of exercise and duration of an exercise. These elements can be utilized to target specific muscles for a powerful and productive workout. As experts in this advanced workout method, Stellar Bodies instructors can show you how to work your body to achieve maximum results.

How the Megaformer™ transforms your body

The equipment we use as part of our state-of-the-art workout is the Megaformer™, an evolutionary upgrade from a traditional Pilates Reformer. This workout machine is designed to engage both upper and lower body muscles, using springs and pulleys that will set the resistance and counter-resistance of the workout. These settings can be adjusted as you progress to continually increase your performance.

The Megaformer™ is an essential part of the Lagree Method as it evolves with you as you progress. New and seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from this equipment, as it can be modified for a range of difficulty levels. The Megaformer™ can be utilized for more than 300 exercises to work essentially every part of your body. Our instructors strive to provide an energizing full-body workout that incorporates key fitness elements, focusing on strength, endurance and stability. Our boutique studio is one of only a handful in Atlanta with an official license to use this groundbreaking equipment.

Using group fitness to put your workout into hyperdrive

Stellar Bodies workouts specialize in group fitness classes for anyone at any fitness level. Our motivating and supportive classes ensure that each client can challenge themselves in an environment with their peers, while simultaneously supporting individual pace and growth.

We have worked hard to build a fitness community that will help you become your very best self. Our instructors strive to create fun and engaging classes that teach you how to train effectively and efficiently, while motivating you to continue to push yourself to the next level. We believe wholeheartedly that training in a group with peers is the best way to support personal fitness growth.