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  • 50 min private session

    • One-on-one $100
    • Duet $160
    • 5 session package $475
  • 30 min private session

    • One-on-one $80
    • Duet $135
  • Private Classes

    • 14 person class $450
    • 20 person class $630

Benefits of Personalized Fitness Training at Stellar

Tailored Workouts

Clients receive tailored workouts customized to their fitness levels, goals, and preferences. The objective is to optimize outcomes whether they're seasoned athletes, beginners, or individuals recovering from injuries.

Individualized Coaching

Clients ensure a safe and effective workout by receiving personalized guidance and feedback on form, technique, and progress.

Increased Motivation

Clients receive personalized encouragement and support in private sessions to help them stay motivated, push through challenges, and achieve fitness milestones.

Faster Progress

Clients will receive targeted attention and adjustments that will ensure they are doing each exercise effectively and targeting the muscles correctly. This will allow clients to make faster strides in their strength, endurance and fitness levels.

Confidence Building

Clients often experience a boost in confidence as they see progress from the personalized workouts and by fostering a positive mindset toward fitness.

Goal Achievement

By working closely with an instructor(s) to set and track personalized fitness goals, clients are empowered as they start seeing tangible results.

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